What are the auto insurance requirements in Kansas?

Like every other state, Kansas has auto insurance requirements for basic coverage. Whether this basic coverage is right for you or not is something that talking to your local independent insurance agent will help you decide. AHI Group in Olathe, KS has a team of experienced insurance agents who will put your interests first. 

What are the auto insurance requirements in Kansas?

In Kansas, the required auto coverage is 25/50/25. This is all liability coverage. $25,000 for bodily injury to one person injured in an auto accident where you have been deemed the responsible party and $50,000 if more than one person is injured. It also included $25,000 for damage to property. You need to consider if this liability coverage protects your assets or whether you need additional coverage. 

For those who have a car loan or are leasing their vehicle, basic coverage will not be acceptable. While the lender or lessor owns the vehicle, you will need to protect it with collision and comprehensive coverage. 

While you must have the required liability coverage, protecting your auto if you own the vehicle is optional. You need to ask yourself if my vehicle was damaged or totaled, would I be able to repair or replace it on my own? If your answer is no, then you need to consider adding additional coverage to protect it. Having to be without a vehicle would be a hardship for most people who count on their vehicle every day for the normal activities of daily life. 

Beyond the requirements, there are other optional coverages that can make your policy a better fit for you and your lifestyle. Full glass coverage will replace your vehicle windows without a deductible, roadside assistance will help you if your vehicle breakdown, won’t start or has a flat tire. 

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Required Commercial Insurance in Kansas

Owning a business in Kansas requires having certain types of commercial insurance. There are many different types of commercial insurance, and you likely need to have more types of coverage than are mandated by law in order to be well protected. If you need commercial insurance for your business, call us at AHI Group in Olathe, KS to find out more about it. 

Required Commercial Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

In Kansas, all employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for all of their workers with no minimum number of workers for the requirement. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If your business has an annual payroll that grosses less than a specific amount, you aren’t required to have this insurance. There are also exceptions for certain agricultural jobs. Otherwise, you must have this insurance in place so that your employees are protected in case they are injured on the job. This also protects your business by paying for the medical bills of injured workers so that your business won’t have to. This insurance also gives workers disability benefits if they are injured. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

Any vehicles that your Kansas business owns are required to have a commercial auto insurance policy. This insurance will cover accidents that are caused by your vehicle so that your business doesn’t have to foot the bills. There are specific required amounts in each policy for different kinds of coverage. There are two required amounts for bodily injury liability and one amount of coverage required for property damage liability. There is also a personal injury protection coverage amount required. The state also requires coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists. 

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What every new homeowner needs to know about home insurance

Home insurance is not something that most people have a lot of exposure to until they buy their first home. Suddenly, you are expected to be an expert. Most people aren’t. That is why they count on the AHI Group of Olathe, KS to help fill in the informational gaps. Our experienced team has many of the answers you may need and we are happy to share our knowledge as part of our customer service. 

New Owner’s Home Insurance: What You Need To Know

Home insurance has exclusions

You may feel as though your home is completely protected from anything that might happen to it when you purchase your first home insurance. That feeling is misplaced. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that could happen that won’t be covered. Home insurance does not cover flooding, earth movement, any kind of owner neglect, and sewer backup. Most of these things can be covered by a rider or an additional policy. 

You have to choose the type of property coverage you want

Two types of content coverage are offered. You can choose to replace all the things you own at their current value, which includes depreciation, or you can cover them at the cost today to replace them with a similar item. 

How much liability insurance is enough?

Your liability coverage should reflect your level of risk and the number of assets that you have. One size fits all is definitely not the right route to take with this coverage. 

Some coverage has limits

When it comes to some of the things that you own, like jewelry, your policy will not cover unlimited amounts. If you have more than just an engagement ring, your coverage will probably be inadequate and you need to add a jewelry rider. 

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