4 Reasons Why You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the best ways to demonstrate how deeply you care for your loved ones. A common misconception is that life insurance is only necessary for wealthy families, but that isn’t true.

Here are four reasons why you need life insurance:

1. Life Insurance Can Enable Your Child to Go to College

Did you know that a whole life insurance policy can be cashed in when your child is ready to go to college? Even better, your whole life insurance policy benefits don’t need to be claimed as income on your child’s student loan application. Talk to your life insurance rep at AHI Group serving Olathe, KS to learn how it works.

2. Life Insurance Can Give You Cash When You Need it Most

Another reason to have a whole life insurance policy is its protection against life’s financial emergencies. You can borrow against your whole life policy without cashing it in—for any reason—including times when you have an emergency and need a life raft to get through a temporary financial setback.

3. Life Insurance Helps Your Family Survive

A term life insurance policy serves as an important resource for your family after your passing. With a policy like this in place, your family, their home, school and livelihood can all be safeguarded despite losing a primary source of income for the family.

4. Life Insurance is a Safety Net

After your passing, your family needs time to grieve. They may need to take time off work as they work through their emotions. The life insurance policy you provide gives your loved ones the safety net they will need as they cope with their loss, without having to fear lost wages.

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