Three common misconceptions you should be aware of about RV insurance

As the owner of a recreational vehicle, you need to find the right RV insurance option for your situation. AHI Group offers RV insurance to consumers in the greater Olathe, KS community. We can help you get the information you need to make the right decisions about RV insurance coverage.

The following are three common misconceptions you should be aware of about RV insurance:

There aren’t any major differences between RV insurance and auto insurance

RV insurance policies are not the same as auto insurance policies. Although there are some similarities, RV insurance offers some helpful features like extended liability coverage and full-time coverage for those who live in their RV. 

RV insurance always includes roadside assistance

Having roadside assistance is important because roadside assistance gives you a service to rely on if your RV breaks down or becomes involved in an accident.

With roadside assistance, you can have a tow truck come out to your location and bring your vehicle to a mechanic shop if you are involved in an accident. This way, you will not be left stranded. Roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver when you’re dealing with an RV accident or breakdown. 

Premiums are more expensive for RV insurance

One of the most appealing details about RV insurance is that it is often less expensive than standard auto insurance. Insurance providers sometimes charge less for RV insurance since RV use tends to involve fewer risks than standard automobile usage. 

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