Home Insurance in Kansas

If you own something as precious as your home, you need to secure it with home insurance from AHI Group to compensate you when the unthinkable happens. Perils like fire, theft, hail, and other threats are ever-present in Kansas, so you had better be safe than sorry by securing a solid home insurance policy.

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Is home insurance mandatory in Kansas?

No Kansas law requires homeowners to invest in home insurance. However, if a mortgage secures your home, your lender may insist you purchase home insurance. However, the rule of thumb is that all homeowners should buy home insurance, whether it's compulsory. Home insurance is the safety net you run to when the unexpected knocks on your door.

Home insurance coverage options

Like most insurance policies, home insurance isn't one-size-fits-all coverage. This insurance policy comes with several options to help you choose those that suit your unique needs. The different home insurance coverage options include:

  • Dwelling coverage: This policy protects your building structure against perils like fire, hail, and lightning. It pays for the damage and even rebuilds your home if the damage is beyond repair.
  • Contents coverage: Your home insurance also covers the content inside your house. If damage or loss occurs to assets like clothing, electronics, and furniture, your home insurance covers the damage.
  • Liability coverage: If you are accused of property damage or bodily injury by others, home insurance can save the day. The same goes if third parties sue you.
  • Loss of use: Should a peril listed in your home insurance policy make your dwelling unlivable, home insurance covers the additional living expenses until your house is repaired.

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