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General contractors can deal in any scale of project, from your multi-million excavation and concrete job to your residential plumbing and scaling. While general contractors may entrust the more specific project details over to subcontractors and individual professionals, the bulk of the project planning and the focus on the broader scope comes down to them.

You might be an expert in your craft, but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. From something as simple as having a machine malfunction at a jobsite causing delays to claims alleging errors in your finished project, your business could be on the fritz if you faced a claim uninsured.

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What is General Contractor Insurance?

General contractor insurance is in the name: insurance, but for general contractors. Contractors can exist on any scale, from your largest contractors with over $750,000 in payroll in construction areas such as concrete, excavation, etc., and the smaller ones busy doing residential jobs, like renovation and more.

General contractors often require a range of insurance coverages to protect against potential risks in the construction industry. These include general liability insurance, for bodily injury, property damage, and other liabilities, builder’s risk for damages during course of construction, commercial property to insure business property, etc.

Other coverages may be necessary as well, but it can depend on the individual business. Consider workers’ compensation if you have employees, professional liability for claims of professional negligence, and even umbrella insurance to extend your current liability limits.

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Who Needs General Contractor Insurance?

Big or small, all types of general contractors can benefit from having comprehensive insurance. Here are some examples of contractors who may need general contractor insurance:

  • Civil general contractors
  • Heavy construction contractors
  • Commercial general contractors
  • Residential general contractors
  • Remodeling general contractors
  • Highway and road construction contractors
  • Tenant improvement contractors

Regardless of the type of contracting you do, you’ll find an easy plan here with AHI Group.

General Contractor Insurance FAQs:

FAQ1: Does general contractor insurance cover subcontractor liabilities?

Not always, but some policies will include coverage for liabilities arising from subcontractor activities. Still, it’s not something you should expect or assume, so be sure to consult with an agent to go over your policy to be sure. You may also request that your subcontractors carry their own insurance, to mitigate your own liability and avoid having to go through your own policy if an issue occurs.

FAQ2: How is builder’s risk insurance different from general contractor insurance?

Builder’s risk insurance is designed to cover properties under construction, which is often a beneficial inclusion for any general contractor when taking on a new build or new project. In short: builder’s risk insurance is a temporary insurance coverage that may be included as part of a comprehensive general contractor insurance plan.

FAQ3: Does general contractor insurance cover me for project delays or interruptions as a result of unforeseen events?

Some policies may include coverage for project delays caused by events like weather, material shortages, or other unforeseen circumstances. It's essential to discuss and clarify the extent of coverage for such situations.

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