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If you drive, then you need auto insurance. Auto insurance is a crucial purchase, whether you’ve recently purchased a vehicle or been driving for many years. AHI Group helps you find your much-needed auto insurance protection to insure both you, your passengers, and even others on the road.

A great way to find incredible protection is to work with the experts here at AHI Group. Buying auto insurance isn’t like buying a new pair of shoes. It’s something you’ll have for as long as you’re planning to drive, and it’s more than a fashion statement; it’s safeguarding your finances.

Beyond finding you excellent coverage, AHI Group serves as your continued advisor. As a premier insurance company licensed in Kansas, Nebraska, Texas, and other states, we are here to answer any questions that you may have, help review your coverage prior to renewal, and suggest the best ways to help you cut down on costs. We do it all. All you need to do is call us for a free auto insurance quote.

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What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

In every state, auto insurance regulations differ. Auto insurance is mandatory in every state in the United States of America, apart from New Hampshire (where it’s only recommended). Since auto insurance laws vary, you may have different types of auto insurance policies to select from. Most states include some form of auto liability insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection, and collision/comprehensive protection.

Some auto insurance coverages are not mandatory but highly recommended. We can talk about those with you as well, to make sure you get a befitting policy that suits your needs.

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Third-Party Liability

Third-party liability insurance typically contains two components: bodily injury and property damage liability. Coverage limits may vary from state to state. In an accident where you as the driver are entirely or partially deemed to be at-fault, this coverage may help cover the costs of repairs or bodily injury suffered by a third party. It may also pay for legal costs, including settlements, defense costs, and more.

Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection, or PP for short, covers the cost of funeral expenses, rehab costs, medical expenses, and sometimes lost wages if you or any of your passengers are injured in an accident. This coverage generally applies regardless of fault or state-defined fault determination rules.

Underinsured/Uninsured Protection

Even though auto insurance is mandatory in most states, some people choose to drive illegally. If you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured or even underinsured driver (this also includes instances of hits-and-runs) then this coverage may help to pay for any rehab, medical, funeral, or similar costs. It may also cover the cost of lawsuits. Different states have different minimum requirements.

These coverages are just a few examples of what an auto policy can include.

What Does Auto Insurance Cost?

Certain factors influence your auto insurance rates. These factors will vary from state to state and insurer to insurer. However, the most common factors include:

  • The age and model of the car you drive
  • How long you’ve owned the vehicle
  • The vehicle’s condition
  • Your driving record (including past incidents, tickets, etc.)
  • What state you live in and where in that state
  • The type and amount of coverage you need
  • The amount of deductible

One of the biggest variables impacting auto insurance costs is the state you live in. In some states, ZIP codes will be used as a factor, meaning some areas of that state will have higher rates than others. Other states won’t use ZIP code, so rates will be influenced by other factors. Here’s the average cost of full coverage for some of our servicing states:

  • Arkansas: $1,907
  • Arizona: $1,810
  • California: $2,291
  • Illinois: $1,806
  • Kansas: $1,878
  • Michigan: $2,691
  • Nebraska: $1,624
  • North Carolina: $1,446
  • Oklahoma: $1,998

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Saving on Auto Insurance with AHI

If you drive, you need auto insurance. The expense can be more for some people than others. To save you some stress, AHI has a few approaches you can take to cut down on expenses without needing tio compromise on coverage.

Maximize on discounts

Depending on your insurer and state, you may be eligible for certain discounts which can help you save on your insurance. Discounts may include options such as winter tire discounts (incentives for installing winter tires in regions where icy conditions can make driving dangerous), group or bundle discounts (incentives for return customers), club and member discounts, retiree discounts, student discounts, and much, much more. Ask an agent for discount options.

Work with an agent

Purchasing your auto insurance independently is an option, but it may not grant you the same opportunities as you would have if you worked through an agency. An agent can recommend you the best coverage options from the best insurers, guaranteeing you the best rate. Plus, they can let you in on all the tips and tricks to save more money.

Maintain a clean driving record

One of the best ways to ensure lower costs is to practice safe driving behavior. Claims, accidents, and traffic tickets can all impact your driving record negatively, and your driving record is one of the main influences in your insurance costs. Too many accidents, claims, or tickets, and you can land yourself a high-risk auto insurance label.

Quick: Auto Insurance FAQs

Is auto insurance mandatory?

In most states, having auto insurance is a legal requirement. The minimum coverage mandated varies by state but typically includes liability insurance to cover damages and injuries you cause to others in an accident.

What's the difference between "cancellation" and "non-renewal" of a policy?

Non-renewal occurs when the insurance company decides not to renew the policy at the end of its term, typically due to increased risk or other factors. Cancellation means the termination of your policy before its expiration date.

If I make modifications to my vehicle, should I inform my insurer?

Yes, you should always report any modifications or alterations made to your vehicle. Failing to disclose these changes could result in claim denials or coverage issues.

Does credit score affect my auto insurance rates?

It can, but every state has different rules. In the states that do use credit-based insurance scores with an opt-in model, individuals with higher credit scores may have lower premiums, as individuals with higher credit scores are statistically involved in fewer accidents.

How does my deductible impact insurance costs?

Higher deductibles typically result in lower premiums, as you agree to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim. Lower deductibles mean higher premiums because the insurer assumes greater financial risk.

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