Auto Insurance for Seniors in Kansas

Older drivers are experienced drivers. They don’t take senseless risks. They know how to drive defensively, and they tend to be courteous on the road. But while rates go down for mature drivers in their 50 and 60s, they start creeping up again in their 70s and 90s. AHI Group in Olathe, KS has some suggestions for making it easier to find the coverage you need at the price you can afford.

Tips For Senior Drivers

Keep Up That Great Driving Record

Stay accident-free. Avoid moving violations. That means, taking stop signs and stoplights seriously, and staying within posted speed ;iomits. If you  do find yourself in traffic court, make sure you take advantage of any driver education programs that can remove a ticket from your record.

Ask Us About Usage-Based Auto Insurance

One of the liberating things about retirement is not having to drive to work every morning and commute back home every night. You don’t spend as many hours behind the wheel. Your agent at AHI Group can help you find a policy that takes mileage into account for rating your policy.

Don’t Drive as Much

Consolidate your daily trips. Take an Uber or Lyft when the weather is bad. Get in the habit of letting someone you trust to take care of driving for you in their car.

Drive the Newest Car You Can Afford

Most of us get attached to our cars. We have memories of good times and bad that we associate without cars. But consider getting the car of your dreams now so you won’t spend so much time and money on repairs later. Your insurance premiums may be lower with a new car too.

Reach Out To Us

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