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We really appreciate that you are on top of things with monitoring changes to our current policy and not only notifying us in advance of potential rate increases, but then taking the time to shop around to find the best deal for us. Saves a lot of time and stress on our part to have you taking care of that for us and keeping us informed!

Cassia S., customer since 2018

With 4 girls in college - 7 cars and currently two homes - we appreciate the care and services of AHI group daily! (anyone looking for a new home? we sure have one to sell :)

John M., customer since 2010

Professional, courteous, prompt service. Searched multiple companies to get us the best deal. Highly recommend this company to everyone!

Leslie L., customer since 2019

Everyone is friendly and helpful. The best part is my auto insurance bill was cut in half over my old company.

David H., customer since 2019

We appreciated the smooth transition from Farmers to AHI. Very professionally done Thank you.

Charlotte W., customer since 2018

Always a quick response when calling or emailing and you always made sure I knew all of my options from the various providers.

Marianne B., customer since 2017

The incredible response time and service levels are what we love. Small business requires a "support" team and that's what you all provide.

Dennis S., customer since 2011

Very responsive and always looking for the best possible value and price.

Jason G., customer since 2011

Everyone in the office is very helpful and have good personalities. Love them!

Customer since 2017

Can't say enough good things about AHI, but what stands out as most important to me is the quick responses and knowledgeable answers I get, which, because of my limited understanding of most my policy leading to my many questions, means a great deal. Thanks to many years of great and attentive service (not to mention the best prices :))

John B., customer since 2012

I was a in a MAJOR jam with my recent indiscretion and AHI not only stepped up to help us without any judgment but also found a CHEAPER rate than I'd been paying for years!! I definitely already recommend them if anyone asks me.

Customer since 2018

I have always been glad to have a person I knew and trusted that I could just pick up the phone and call or text about any insurance issue or question I had.

Lesley M., customer since 2009

You are always there. I never have talked to a "robot". Thank you for that.

Customer since 2014

Thanks for getting me in touch with a water mitigation company immediately. It was very assuring when our basement flooded and panic was settling in.

Customer since 2013

Well, everything we ask for, you go out of your way to address our concerns, and you are always looking out for our insurance interests, ensuring we are covered adequately, whether in our home, cars or investment properties.

Customer since 2010

Being responsible for communicating the needs of my sister & brother-in-law from 200 miles distant has been relatively easy because of your assistance. Far too many times in the past they have been taken advantage of by "services" (people) "RIPPING THEM OFF" because of their lack of understanding what "bill-of-goods" they were being sold. Thanks for everything.

Betty P., customer since 2017

When I have had a question it is answered promptly and my interests have always been the main concerned when representing me with the carriers you represent

Customer since 2013

We have had our auto and home insurance through AHI for nearly 5 years. When we make a call to the office for just a question or to request changes or services, there is always an immediate solution.

William S., customer since 2013

Quick responses, helpful email tips, and kind and attentive agents and staff

Customer since 2014

Auto Home Insurance Group got us great coverage for the best price with extraordinarily quick and caring service!

Elijah B., customer since 2018

Glenn has been great to work with. He gives exceptional service and is very knowledgeable. We have been very happy with AHI Group and would recommend him highly.

Gerri R., customer since 2016

Always friendly, and helpful. They look for the best deals, and respond quickly to our requests.

Customer since 2015

We appreciate the continuous shopping for our best price and coverage at expiration times.

Joe B., customer since 2014

We love that you take the time to go through our policies to make sure we have the best rates. Also, your help with certificates that are constantly needed for our business operations as well as necessary changes to our current policies is always handled well and in a timely manner.

John G., customer since 2006

Everyone always go out of there way to help me when I have a problem. I always appreciate there help

Jeff M., customer since 2010

We have been with AHI for several years now and have also referred several friends and family to their agency based on the way they treat you, dig into your rates and find the best solution possible for your needs!

Brad N., customer since 2010

Sara and Scott are the best people for insurance we love how they take care of our needs immediately. We recommend to everyone how great this company is...we have 3 sons and they use the company.

Susan M., customer since 2007

They are great about looking after our needs and the needs of our kids.

Michael C., customer since 2008

Your attention to detail in finding the right product tailored made for me and my family, friendly staff who makes us feel like we are the only ones that matter in that moment, and the care and compassion shown during those rare times we needed to call in a claim not matter how small or large it was.

Customer since 2009

Friendly and prompt service every time! It doesn't matter if we're calling about an existing policy, a new policy, or any other questions or concerns, we are always treated with respect and compassion. I recommend AHI to all my family and friends!

Ryan K., customer since 2014

They do a great job answering questions and explaining things on a level a first time home/car buyer needs.

Customer since 2017

Scott and his team at AHI do a great job of finding the right solution... and keeping up with the changes (new car for the kids, accidents, etc.).

William K., customer since 2011

Scott is always available to answer my questions and provides excellent, dependable service. It is a pleasure working with him.

Kathy B., customer since 2015

You guys are awesome and think of things before I do.... Not to mention taking care of me great when something bad does happen.

Mike D., customer since 2012

My wife called for a tow and the representative walked her through the claim procedures and followed up. She felt like a person not a number.

Vaughn D., customer since 2014

Your group of employees are fantastic to work with and are always quick to respond with any questions or changes that we have ever needed to make.

Brian K., customer since 2011

My family uses Scott Coffman for anything insurance related. All of our policies including home, life, cars, workman’s comp for our business as well as our insurance at our business. AH Insurance is truly a one stop shop and they treat you like family. When anyone I know ask me about insurance I automatically send them to Scott Coffman.

Richard C., customer since 2009

We appreciate the wonderful service and care that Scott and his team provide to us on a regular basis. It's wonderful having someone with such strong expertise handling our personal insurance and protecting our home.

Customer since 2017

Always shops the services to provide the best price for the best product. Very responsive to any questions I have. Scott and Sara give a very personal touch. We have our cars, home, business and life insurance with them. It never crosss our mind to shop anywhere else.

David B., customer since 2010

Scott and AHI shop our policies each year with multiple insurance companies so I always know I got a good deal without doing all the work myself. I ask questions and they research if needed to respond ensuring I get the right answer.GREAT COMPANY Joel Richards

Joel R., customer since 2012

I switched from Progressive because I needed an agent who could send invoices to my boys' father to cover their portion. As far as I'm concerned, the service, response time and dedication to my insurance is WAY ABOVE ANYTHING I have experienced before with an insurance agent! Sara, Scott, Glenn, Inez, and Don are WONDERFUL to work with!

Colleen L., customer since 2012

You guys treat us like family!

Connor C., customer since 2015

You check in from time to time to see how things are going. It lets me know that we are not just another number, but an actual customer that you care about.

Customer since 2015

It feels like family. Everybody is always glad to see me when I come in whether or not I'm bringing goodies. I appreciate that you're always working to get me the best deal on my insurance coverage. It takes a load off of my mind thinking that someone else has my back.

Customer since 2013

Happy with the personal service we have been given. It's nice to know we can come in anytime to discuss our insurance needs.

Richard H., customer since 2011

AHI provides customer service to its best! Response time is amazing! AHI is always on your side finding the best deals possible.

Adam P., customer since 2013

I've known you for quite some time and my dad always spoke highly about you as a friend.

Matthew A., customer since 2014

I feel very confident that everything is in order and I don't have to worry if a problem arises. All of you have been more than helpful in the past and I look ahead to a good future relationship.

Customer since 2009

Fast response on any of my issues that makes a big difference to me.

Min B., customer since 2013

Customer Service is a commodity you all excel at providing. Taking the time to speak/meet with me in person to take the time to understand our needs as well as taking the time to explain in layman’s terms my options has garnered you a loyal customer.

Customer since 2015

Great company with outstanding and helpful agents. I highly recommend them if you are seeking new insurance coverage(s).

Customer since 2012

AHI was very nice to work with when we signed up, and we know they'll be there for us when we need something. Thanks!

Customer since 2016

Always there when we need them. Can call and talk to someone immediately instead of a phone service. Will help lead us in the right direction and gets us the best insurance at the cheapest rates.

Scott Z., customer since 2010

We appreciate the personal attention we receive in handling all of our issues.

Doug K., customer since 2009

Your front office people are helpful and professional.

Customer since 2016

You returned my calls, listened to me in detail, had an answer for me in 24 hours!!! Love it. Thanks! Jane

Jane F., customer since 2014

Everyone in office is friendly and helpful. On request of needing info they have gotten back with me in a timely manor. Knowledgeable about the Ins companies they work with. I would highly recommend them.

Customer since 2016

Always super friendly and quick responding best agent I've ever worked with!

Customer since 2009

Helped us lower our insurance cost in a timely manner.

Customer since 2017

The team at AHI are awesome. They are always willing to go the extra mile to get us what we need and have saved us several hundred dollars a year on top of that. Highly recommend their team of professionals.

Jeff R., customer since 2008

Always the right plan at a competitive price. Customer service Extraordinaire

Chuck J., customer since 2009

I love the personal attention I get. I always feel like I am the most important client. That's important to me!

Tiffany R., customer since 2012

Very friendly, Very helpful, Knows product very well.

Danny A., customer since 2011

Your personal service continues to impress and is very appreciated.

Customer since 2010

Made as relax our minds knowing someone cares

Noah T., customer since 2017

Scott and I have been working together for a number of years with several different business policies, a home policy and vehicle policies and coverage it is his personal attention that is most impressive. Thank you Scott and Sara!

Brad S., customer since 2016

Glenn has always been amazing and answers all my questions and concerns. I wouldn't change anywhere else because of him

Krystiane P., customer since 2014

It is easy to do business with Scott and his associates. They always have your best interest in assisting you with your insurance needs. Claims are very fast and serves are in your best interest.

Jerry S., customer since 2009

Scott, Sara and the whole AHI crew are always keeping my best interests in mind. Making sure I am aware of other options and that "all my stuff" is properly covered. Great communication and customer service! They worry about my insurance so I don't have to.

Customer since 2009

We have been with Scott and his team since around 2000, why? Because they are always there to help us when we need them, No matter how complicated or simple the situation is they take care if us as if we were friends or family.

Gladis T., customer since 2005

Went to Scott 8 years ago for life insurance and he asked to quote my home and auto. Great life policy and saved us $750 a year on home and auto while increasing our coverage. Solid Agency!!!

John T., customer since 2009

We have been with the Coffman agency for many years now, and will not be leaving any time soon! Great communication, excellent service, competitive and even low pricing. We have had to file a claim or two over the years, and the agency and adjusters working the claim have always been prompt and courteous. We are very happy with Scott and his team.

Emily M., customer since 2009

We've been with AHI well over 10 years. Customer support is phenomenal! With four sons, we've long had a "fleet" of cars covered through AHI and they handle our frequent changes expertly. I appreciate how the team is always keeping an eye on the insurance marketplace to keep our rates affordable. We highly recommend AHI!

Mary S., customer since 2008

I am a very active real estate investor which means that I require a lot of attention from my insurance agents. I am constantly adding, modifying and removing policies. I was using another insurance company previously and they did a poor job of supporting my needs. I switched to Auto Home KC after a recommendation from a friend, it was a night and day difference. The communication and support has been excellent and they move quickly which is very important to me. There have been a couple times where I have dropped the ball and left the insurance to the last minute. They were able to help me out and get my policies updated on the same day. I have referred several other friends and investors to this company.

Ian R., customer since 2013

Scott and the AHI Office have always been very responsive to any questions we have had. And the rates are the best I have come across!

John G., customer since 2016

Always answer questions quickly. When I needed to add a car/remove a car from policy it was done in a very timely manner with great communication.

Kenneth R., customer since 2016

Y'all were very personable, upfront and honest. Very reasonable price for the service. Awesome people!

Kyle S., customer since 2017

I have done my first deal with Auto Home Insurance Group. Everything was handled promptly and accurately. Glenn answered each question patiently and in a very detailed manner. To be quite honest, I wasn't expecting a great service from an insurance company! Keep up the great customer service.

Kuntay T., customer since 2017

Scott, As you know , Nancy and I moved twice in less than one year. We had different problems with each move. We also changed Mailing addresses three times in eight months. You and your staff helped us all along the way. Further you and your wife helped us obtain the best insurance for the money. We also seem to get information mixed up on our own. We appreciate your help. Thank you both.

Drummond C., customer since 2013

You guys are AMAZING!! We feel like you actually listen to what we need and then go find the best fit in insurance. You've saved us a lot of money too!! :)

Wendy D., customer since 2016

Scott Coffman and his team go above and beyond to help you in your time of need. They respond quickly and are very professional. We have been insured with Scott for over 15 years and have had claims handled through them. I have no complaints on the outcome of any of the claims.

Robert E., customer since 2006

Whenever I call - I get service right away. And I don't have to talk to a programmed recording. I talk to real people who answer all my questions. Also, whenever I want to consider another insurance and find a better plan, you are always willing to help me.

Customer since 2009

You have always been very responsive, I feel that you have my best interest at-heart, you are careful about shopping for the lowest rate for me each year, and Sara is "my girl" one of the most delightful people I've ever known!!!

Donald V., customer since 2013

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