Kansas Earthquake Insurance and Missouri Earthquake Insurance

California may be known for their earthquakes but the truth is an earthquake can also happen here in Kansas and Missouri. An earthquake in Kansas or Missouri would be a rare event but rebuilding your Kansas or Missouri home from earthquake damage, replacing your possessions and starting over can be terrifying. The last earthquake, a 2.7 magnitude earthquake as of this writing (07-12-12) occurred 45 miles South of Wichita, Kansas on January 01, 2008. In 2011, residents in Olathe, Kansas felt the earth shake when Arkansas experienced their largest earthquake to date on February 28, 2011, with earthquake registering 4.7 magnitude. Our neighbor, Oklahoma on November 06, 2011, registered a 5.6 earthquake.

Having to start over because an earthquake has destroyed your home means one other thing. You really will not be starting over. It will be worse than starting over because if your home is destroyed by an earthquake, you will still owe the mortgage. If you are still paying on destroyed possessions, that debt will not disappear, either.

It is amazing that just a slight shift of our 4.54 billion year old earth has the power to disrupt our everyday life in Kansas or Missouri.

Consider the following two facts:

  • The Humboldt Fault Zone that runs through Kansas has the potential to produce earthquakes in the 6 to 6.5 range.
  • About 200 shocks are detected annually in the New Madrid Seismic Zone located in Missouri.

The final, convincing fact is that if you personally cannot afford to rebuild your Kansas or Missouri home, you need earthquake insurance.

In the event of a Kansas earthquake or Missouri earthquake, rebuild your home with insurance money, not your own. Contact us at Contact us at AHI Insurance Group for a free quote today for a free quote on Kansas earthquake insurance or Missouri earthquake insurance today.

Contact us at AHI Insurance Group for a free quote today

The Kansas earthquake insurance and Missouri earthquake insurance experts at AHI Group in the Kansas area, will explain your protection options and give you all of the earthquake facts pertaining to Kansas or Missouri.

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